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Dr. Dilliard is a tremendously gifted chiropractor. Through his expertise I have had many health issues healed. I have had a lot of allergies - food, environmental and dental materials - and each time Dr. Dilliard has addresses the issues and brought me back to perfect health. He has focused on the bones, nerves, tissues and organs that need to be worked on. He always listens carefully and always offers valuable advice.

Dr. Dilliard helped me with the healing of my eye after a serious eye surgery that I had. I was unable to take most of the eye medications due to allergies, but through Dr. Dilliard's understanding of the central nervous system and of blood flow to organs, he was able to help my eye heal and restore its sight. My eye surgeon is amazed at how well I am seeing and at how quickly my eye tissue has grown in.

I would highly recommend Dr. Dilliard's chiropractic office. He is dedicated to helping people get well and live free from pain. He has many years of experience and expertise. I appreciate his holistic approach to healing. He has resolved for me so many of the physical issues that medical doctors have been unable to help me with.

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