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For 5 years I have experienced constant, severe abdominal pain as a result of extensive abdominal surgery (distal pancreactomy-splenectomy-laparotomy) in March 1991. I have developed acute depression. Because of the pain I could not sleep, clean house, enjoy activities or hobbies, and many days could not work. My life was totally disrupted.

I have tried many therapies and procedures including physical therapies of all kinds, exercise, swimming, biofeedback, acupuncture,  hypnosis, relaxation techniques, psychiatric and psychological care, narcotics, celiac-plexus sympathetic nerve rhizotomy, and intercostals nerve block injections of long lasting anesthetics. All were only temporary and partially effective.

Although I have used chiropractic many years for other reasons, there was not a concentrated effort to treat the abdominal pain. Then in February 1996, I had an opportunity to try chiropractic with Dr. Dilliard. In only 5 adjustments, Dr. Dilliard had given me more relief than anyone else had in 5 years. After a few more adjustments I first postponed, and then cancelled, additional intercostal nerve blocks (the main-stay of my pain control), and have not resumed them since.  I have made continued progress. At first I would have several hours of decreased pain. Then it advanced to no pain for several hours and reduced pain the remaining time. Now my pain-free time is 1 ½ days. I believe there will be more improvement as I continue my treatments.

I whole-heartedly endorse Dr. Dilliard and the staff of Dilliard Chiropractic. They are professional, friendly, and caring.

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